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Spring is right around the corner...

The mustard is blooming and the weather is getting warmer here in Sonoma. Spring is right around the corner and it's a perfect time to visit wine country. This picture was taken in the Ceja vineyards right across the street.

The weather is starting to get warmer with daily highs in the upper 60s and even 70s (check out the weather station down the street), which is perfect weather for wine tasting and outdoor activities, including cycling (the house has four bikes).

Spring is also when the events season starts in and around Sonoma, where events like the Annual Wine Road Barrel Tasting (Mar 3-5 and Mar 10-12), Savor Sonoma (Mar 18-19) with over 17 wineries participating, Sonoma International Film Festival (Mar 29-Apr 2) with some possible A-list celebrities in town that weekend! View the full events calendar.

Contact us for questions on how to best plan your stay and of course, Book your next vacation now!

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