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Sonoma & Napa

Sonoma Valley
Real Wine Country

Napa Valley

Legendary Napa Valley

Beyond its reputation as a renowned wine and travel destination, Sonoma Valley is simply unforgettable. It’s a magical state of mind, a historic legacy, a leader in sustainable tourism, a home to America’s first CittaSlow or “slow” city, a mecca for the senses and a pastoral slice of paradise. And just 45 miles north of San Francisco, you’ll find our paradise makes for an incredibly convenient getaway

Visit the Napa Valley and you'll discover a warm welcome to the birthplace and heart of America's finest winemakers and wineries. There are more world-acclaimed wineries here than in any other single region of North America. Ninety-five percent of Napa Valley's 400+ wineries are family-owned and operated. 

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